Security Fencing

Security Fence from BASTEEL Perimeter Systems is available in 5 different design styles, each with performance characteristics to meet the needs of your site. Each style has different design attributes and offer varied degrees of sight obscurity, air porosity, deterrent value and entry delay factor.

BASTEEL Security Fence products have earned a reputation for:

  • Strength – Through the use of additional horizontal rails and high-strength steel components, BASTEEL Security Fence offers unparalleled strength and the ability to withstand impressive wind loads.
  • Deterrence – BASTEEL Security Fence, especially when outfitted with the R-Top curved picket, offers a significant deterrent value with a cleaner design than traditional barbed wire or concertina wire fence.
  • Configurable – All fence systems are built to order and are available in custom heights, widths, and colors to fit your application
  • Longevity – Once your perimeter system is in place, you can rest assured knowing its unmatched performance characteristics will protect your site for decades to come, no matter project location or environmental conditions.

Please contact a BASTEEL representative for product selection and design assistance on your project.


Citadel R-Top

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