Essex Dumpster Enclosure

  • Posted onApr 17, 2024

The Detroit, Michigan based company United Wholesale Mortgage held nothing back when it came to building a sprawling campus to attract employees with lavish amenities. The stark white of the building exterior is a sight to behold, but also means that nearby eyesores (such as a bright yellow dumpster) really popped out. Von Staden Architects out of Royal, MI was tasked with creating a space for the world-famous Hunter House Hamburgers restaurant on the United Wholesale Mortgage campus- one of the many eateries they offer. The vision was clear that keeping a clean, white look was necessary, so they set out to find a way to hide the dumpster out back. Enter: the BASTEEL dumpster enclosure.

This polar white finish on Basteel’s trademark Essex style provides solid visual block by assembling the pickets vertically on just one side of the horizontal rail and inverting every other one. The completed look, as you see here, blended beautifully with the finish of the nearby buildings so it could do it’s primary job- hide the dumpster in plain sight. A single swing gate is added for easy side access, and a double swing gate in the rear for a complete opening to the space. Installation by Industrial Fence Company was completed with base plated posts attached to the reinforced concrete slab, one of the many options for this style.

Adrienne Vollmer