BASTEEL Perimeter Systems Launches AIA/HSW Accredited Presentation –

  • Posted onSep 2, 2021

The BASTEEL Team is proud to announce that we have launched our first AIA/HSW accredited presentation.

This presentation, BASPS1 – Enclosure System Design Strategies, reviews the engineering and applicable building standards that modern perimeter systems employ. It also provides some insight into the human component relative to the need for aesthetics while still fulfilling its intended purpose as a security-based solution.

The fast-changing world of security requires more diverse and specialized products. We can no longer define secured perimeters with a chain-link fence and Razor Ribbon. Alternative products are better solving the complex and layered requirements we need on our project sites today. Terms like anti-climb, vehicular crash resistance, visual mitigation barrier, non-combustible enclosures, amongst others are ways we more often refer to the needs and purposes for placing fence, gates, and perimeter security products. This presentation will take you through the baseline standards we employ in the perimeter security industry as well as look into some of the less often discussed psychological value these products have when mitigating security breaches and providing piece of mind to the users of these products.

Specifically, this presentation will review –

–              Understand the thought and science behind a simple post, rail, and infill product. As a simple product all fence is a combined system of 3 basic components, how we put those components together and “everything else” that goes with it is what sets products aside from each and truly brings out the innovative and effective solutions for today’s challenging needs.

–              Functionality and Performance – Review ASTM and other standards pertinent to perimeter security systems. Review Performance and testing criteria.

–              Consider and review how aesthetics is important. Higher Aesthetic value accentuates the real value. Color, Style, and statement matter. Blending and hiding other security features on a common platform is a great solution.

–              Understand the behavioral and emotional components that fences fulfill. See how perceptions become reality in the world of physical security.

Please contact our team to schedule a live or virtual presentation today!

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