Welcome to BaSteel Perimeter Systems, a division of the 65-year-old Bell Machine Company, Inc.

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I am thrilled and very appreciative that you have decided to take a look at the Strongest Investment in fencing.

Our business originated in 1946 serving the local tool and die industry. Today, we are a fourth generation family owned business. Prior to purchasing the product line now known as BaSteel Perimeter Systems, our company was the original manufacturer of the tooling used to fabricate the product. Our experience combined with our loyalty, promises the very best quality control and personalized customer service. From day one we were able to offer a 30 year tested and proven product to our customers in a wide variety of military, commercial, and residential applications. Our products have earned a well-deserved reputation for superior durability, performance, longevity, ageless aesthetic appeal and quality that is second to none.

Bottom line, an investment in Basteel Perimeter Systems is an investment like no other, incorporating a proven product aimed at changing the perception of what a fence should be.

Quite frankly, my family and I can’t wait to prove it to you.

Thank you again for your consideration, and welcome to Basteel Perimeter Systems.


Marshall P. Bell

Residential & Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Residential & Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Ultra’s line of low-maintenance, high-quality ornamental aluminum picket fencing is a great alternative to traditional wrought-iron

fence. We offer a complete line of handsome, durable, easy-care styles in Residential and Commercial grades.

View Residential & Commercial Aluminum Fencing


Aluminum Pool Fencing

Pool View

Ultra designs several aluminum picket fence styles that are specifically designed to comply with BOCA code for swimming pool safety, while providing an attractive and secure enclosure.

View Aluminum Pool Fencing


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